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Saudi Arabia
Makkah (Province)
Al muwayh
petrol statio
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22.42739, 41.76115


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 knights palace station(Located 135.04 Km)
273, تربة 29719, saudi arabia 29719 Turabah ,Makkah ,Makkah ,Saudi Arabia 
 sharif petrol station(Located 185.72 Km)
جبل ابرق راكسى، al jal, taif 26523, saudi arabia 26523 Taif ,Makkah ,Makkah ,Saudi Arabia 
 azizia petrol station(Located 203.08 Km)
طريق المطار، afif 17521, saudi arabia 17521 Afif ,Ar Riyāḑ ,Ar Riyāḑ ,Saudi Arabia 
 gas station(Located 276.24 Km)
gas station, 5, ar rayaan, jeddah 23643, saudi arabia 23643 Jeddah ,Makkah ,Makkah ,Saudi Arabia 
 aljodaibi gas station(Located 281.64 Km)
rabigh saudi arabia 25753 Rābigh ,Makkah ,Makkah ,Saudi Arabia 
 phone available. 
 fuel station(Located 296.44 Km)
saudi arabia 67723 Bisha ,Other Cities in Other Cities in Saudi Arabia ,Other Cities in Saudi Arabia ,Saudi Arabia 
 naft(Located 312.68 Km)
الامير عبدالمجيد, medina saudi arabia 42317 Medina ,Al Madīnah ,Al Madīnah ,Saudi Arabia 
 Website available.
 sahel(Located 344.94 Km)
60، badr 46352, saudi arabia 46352 Badr Ḩunayn ,Al Madīnah ,Al Madīnah ,Saudi Arabia 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
 aldrees petroleum & transport services(Located 351.65 Km)
الديرة 7594, 2255 قس بن ساعدة، الديرة، al duwadimi 17441, saudi arabia 17441 Ad Dawādimī ,Other Cities in Other Cities in Saudi Arabia ,Other Cities in Saudi Arabia ,Saudi Arabia 
 Website available.
 alasiri gas station(Located 390.19 Km)
15, tanomah saudi arabia 62797 An Nimāş ,Other Cities in Other Cities in Saudi Arabia ,Other Cities in Saudi Arabia ,Saudi Arabia 
 phone available.