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List of gas stations next to Uummannaq

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 tankeeraq tankstation/havnen(Located 166.17 Km)
noah mølgaardip aqq., ilulissat 3952, greenland 3952 Ilulissat ,Qaasuitsup ,Qaasuitsup ,Greenland 
 phone available. 
 butik no 3(Located 220.42 Km)
sissakkooriaq, egedesminde, greenland greenland Aasiaat ,Aasiaat ,Aasiaat ,Greenland 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
 tank kiosk(Located 419.31 Km)
sisimiut 3911, greenland 3911 Sisimiut ,Qeqqata ,Qeqqata ,Greenland 
 trolles olieservice(Located 721.80 Km)
kuussuaq, nuuk, greenland 3900 Nuuk ,Sermersooq ,Sermersooq ,Greenland 
 petrol station(Located 1,117.97 Km)
3921, narsaq 3921, greenland 3921 Narsaq ,Kujalleq ,Kujalleq ,Greenland 
 nanco oil(Located 1,210.46 Km)
nanortalik, greenland greenland Nanortalik ,Kujalleq ,Kujalleq ,Greenland 
 phone available.