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gazi mustafa kemal blv, gazimağusa gazimağusa Famagusta ,Other Cities in Famagusta ,Famagusta ,Cyprus 
Gas stations in Famagusta (City) In this website, we try every day that the largest number of companies in each place is entered in this database of gas stations scattered around the world. If you have seen any of the Gas stations in Famagusta (City) that are part of this directory and that appears here with information that does not match, please, let us know.

Are you running out of fuel? If you do not have fuel left to finish your journey, in this guide of Gas stations in Famagusta (City) you will find the nearest gas station to where you are now.

In Gas stations in Famagusta (City) you can find each of the gas stations that are in Famagusta (City). With its 42526 inhabitants, and where a good part of them travels every day by car, knowing where the nearest  and cheapest gas stations can always be useful.

If you just opened a gas station, there is nothing better to make your business stand out than to include it in a guide or directory of Gas stations in Famagusta (City) like this. If you add details that can mark the difference in the description, better still.
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gazi mustafa kemal blv, gazimağusa gazimağusa Famagusta ,Other Cities in Famagusta ,Famagusta ,Cyprus 

List of gas stations next to Famagusta

 esso petrol(Located 8.46 Km)
deryneia, cyprus cyprus Akhyritou ,Other Cities in Famagusta ,Famagusta ,Cyprus 
 esso(Located 8.96 Km)
50, φρέναρος, αρχιεπισκόπου μακαρίου γ', gazimağusa 5350, cyprus 5350 Phrenaros ,Other Cities in Famagusta ,Famagusta ,Cyprus 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
 gas / petrol(Located 11.79 Km)
paralimni, cyprus cyprus Paralimni ,Other Cities in Famagusta ,Famagusta ,Cyprus 
 eko(Located 13.54 Km)
cyprus famagusta Protaras ,Other Cities in Famagusta ,Famagusta ,Cyprus 
 phone available. 
 eko petrol station(Located 13.60 Km)
avgorou, cyprus cyprus Avgorou ,Other Cities in Famagusta ,Famagusta ,Cyprus 
 petrolina service station(Located 15.02 Km)
e305, liopetri, cyprus cyprus Liopetri ,Other Cities in Famagusta ,Famagusta ,Cyprus 
 petrolina station(Located 15.09 Km)
tefkrou anthia, ayia napa, cyprus cyprus Ayia Napa ,Other Cities in Famagusta ,Famagusta ,Cyprus 
 phone available. 
 alpet-iskele petrol(Located 18.54 Km)
şht. mustafa orhan sk, İskele/kıbrıs kıbrıs Trikomo ,Other Cities in Famagusta ,Famagusta ,Cyprus 
 eko service gas station(Located 21.85 Km)
xylotymvou, cyprus Xylotymbou ,Other Cities in Larnaca ,Larnaca ,Cyprus 
 k-pet(Located 24.78 Km)
şht. salahattin sonat sk, geçitkale bld./gazimağusa/kıbrıs kıbrıs Lefkoniko ,Other Cities in Famagusta ,Famagusta ,Cyprus